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Free Counselling Advice and Resources


I have gathered a range of links and resources to help our clients with understanding and managing issues at home and work such as depression, social anxiety, worry, self confidence, self esteem, self care, anger management, resentment, frustration, feeling low, sleep problems and relationship difficulties. 

Please complete your details below to access these resources, letting me know your particular areas of interest. 

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I also offer a free 7 day programme on Healthy Boundaries. This will help you to understand what healthy boundaries are and how to see where a lack of healthy boundaries might be impacting negatively in your life and relationships. It will also help you to develop healthier boundaries and how this can support your mental and emotional well being.


Following the 7 day programme will assist you in developing and maintaining happier and healthier relationships with yourself and with others. Please use the contact form below if you would like to receive this free 7 day programme. 

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I offer appointments via phone and video from Solihull, West Midlands, B91.

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